This is the international annual fair
of contemporary art with the goal
to develop art market in Qatar,
to introduce the tradition
of collecting world contemporary art.
Within the framework of the fair there are exhibitions, lectures, workshops of recognized world artists and art business professionals. Visitors of the fair will have an opportunity not only to get acquainted with big names in contemporary art, but also to receive private professional consultation and
to purchase collectible art pieces.
focus on
Creative people together from the art field.
Knowledge about global tendencies in Art
Art market in the country
Brings the country to the art world stage
Three month in advance all schools will be informed and invited to take part
in the art contest prior of Doha Art Fair. All kids who create the real art work will be exhibited in a special sector of Doha Art Fair.
Schools for kids
At Doha Art parents will have a chance to be a part of the real auction of the art works of their kids.
There will be a real preview prior the auction. This event will bring a feeling of true involvement into the whole process. All money will go
to charity needs.
Charity Parents’ auction
Specialist of contemporary art and children phsycology will teach kids
how to read and to accept art,
and will explain how art
influencesthe human being.
Immersive artistry
By means of new technologies Immersive Artistry project will show how Art is been created through all centuries. Interactive programmes will give a chance for the young generation to be introduced not just to the History of Art, but to a modern way of creative technologies.
Art Guide for kids