CUT ART gallery celebrates opening with an unique exhibition of David Lynch's work!

CUT ART Gallery invites you to one of the most exciting events in the art world this year - a previously unseen selection of artworks by David Lynch. The exhibition will be on view from 16 July to 1 September, in the new gallery space at Alberta iela 1 and for the first time these works will be available for purchase!

The exhibition will include a new series of David Lynch lithographs from his private collection, which, until now, have not presented in Latvia.David Lynch’s five-decade career spans an extensive range of artmaking including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, music, and film. Describing his creative process, he once said: “I used to go to well-lit diners, because in a well-lit diner I could sit and think and daydream and I could go to dark places knowing that I could surface in a well-lit, safe place.” Most of the works on this selection is surrealistic, figurative and highly dedicated to human unconsciousness which explores authentic feelings. His work is lush, energetic and often saturated with emotion that is otherwise unfantonable and can only experienced through a dialogue with art.

The gallery will show a selection of lithographs from Lynch's private collection, which will be exhibited for the first time thanks to the ongoing collaboration between David Lynch and CUT ART founder Viktoria Zaiceva .

It is important to note that Lynch is a proponent of transcendental meditation and in 2005 founded the David Lynch Foundation, which provides support through the practice of meditation to students, people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and offers the practice to others who may benefit from it.

Before the COVID pandemic, from 2017, the cultural initiative CUT ART has held the international art fair JURMALA ART FAIR - an international, annual fair of contemporary art with the goal - to develop the art market in Latvia. Emerson Kun-Sheng Wang (Curator and art critic Creative Director, Sun Holdings Art Business, TAIPEI) has said: The project is a unique concept for the Baltic state and will provide a commercial focus within the context of international contemporary art. One of the benefits of participating in this art project is the opportunity to engage in a dialogue between Asia and Eastern Europe.

With years of experience gallery CUT ART opens its first public space in Riga, in the

historic Art Nouveau district. The gallery is firmly developing an international market by participating in art exhibitions around the world, as well as creating various international cultural and educational projects.

Key values of the gallery CUT ART include:

Promotion and Integration of Latvian emerging, experienced and established artists into the global art market;

Developing collaboration, partnerships and research relationships between higher education, museums, galleries and visual arts organizations worldwide;

Promoting and developing careers of the emerging artists all over the world.

The main aim of the art space is to bring internationally renowned artists closer to Latvia and the other Baltic States, thus developing the careers of our young artists as well as promoting and integrating Latvian artists into the global art market. The gallery collaborates with renowned artists such as David Lynch, Robert Whitman, as well as international curators and art critics such as Emerson Kun-Sheng Wang and others.

Stay tuned, because the next CUT ART exhibition, scheduled for autumn, will feature a solo show by artist and Co-owner & Artistic director of the gallery Vlad Ogay, which he is preparing for together with Banksys' curator Gianluca Marziani. Vlad Ogay is a young artist with strong Korean roots, a graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre Studio, he is also currently working as an artist in the theatre and film industry. Vlad Ogay works with film director Kirill Serebrennikov and has been involved in various film projects as an artist, these films have been selected and succesfully presented in prestigious award ceremonies in Venice, Berlin, and Cannes. Previously CUT ART gallery has presented Vlad Ogay at international art fairs such as at the 17th Contemporary Istanbul, SCOPE Art Show Miami 2022, Unfair Milano 2023, VOLTA NY 2023.

The gallery plans to realise 4-6 exhibitions per year and is open to collaborate with young and talented artists and curators.